Car Rental: Mercedes Benz E 280

Mercedes-Benz E-Class - one of the most famous cars of the German company Mercedes-Benz. Although the designation Executivklasse (business class) was introduced in 1993, the story predecessors E-Class - is the story of all brands, as up to 1982, they were the most widespread cars. Traditionally, the E-Class sedan was produced, but since 1969 in the range coupe appeared, since 1978 - the wagon, and since 1992 - a convertible (although special vehicles based on the E-Class ever produced). In the period 1997-2008 the coupe and convertible were absent, produced CLK-Class is based on the bodies of smaller C-class, but apparently stylized E-Class. The current generation of the E-Class sedan and station wagon apart W212 and S212 regained coupe and convertible versions (C207 and A207). Since 2010 Mercedes-Benz has decided to resume production of convertibles based on the E-Class


  • Price: 18000 KZT
  • Gearbox type: Automatic
  • Without driver
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